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Fitness Guru and Bodybuilding Expert Joe Weider Dies at 93

The fitness and bodybuilding communities lost an icon last weekend with the death of Joe Weider. A bodybuilding expert, fitness magazine publisher, and mentor to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Weider died of heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 93 years old. His age at death is a testament to his understanding of fitness and health. Like Jack Lalanne, who died in 2011 at the age of 96, Weider attributed his longevity to exercise and healthy living, and both men developed lucrative...

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Top Infomercial Products of 2012: The Unofficial Guide

Posted by Nicci | Posted in News, Other Stuff | Posted on 26-12-2012


No self-respecting journalist, disc jockey, veejay, entertainment reporter, style writer, or blogger would approach the end of the year without issuing a Top Ten list or an In-Out list to commemorate the trends of the dying year. Top Ten Albums of 2012! Best TV Shows of 2012! Hot New Fashion Trends for 2013!

As much as this blogger wants to jump on the end-of-year bandwagon (as opposed to the end-of-time bandwagon–silly Mayans), I was unable to find a definitive list of the top selling infomercial products of 2012. However, earlier this year, Bankrate.com issued a list of the Top 5 Successful Infomercial Products, ABC News and Forbes.com compiled a list of TV’s Top Selling Infomercial Products, and the Huffington Post published the article As Seen On TV: The 10 Hottest Products Right Now. Unfortunately for the poor Seen On TV bloggers attempting to create a unified list, there is very little overlap among the products delineated in these lists. In fact, there are only two items that appear on more than one list: PedEgg appears in both the Bankrate and Huffington Post articles, and Total Gym appears on both the ABC News and Bankrate lists.

Overall, the Huffington Post list seemed to coincide most closely with SeenOnTV Express’s own best-selling and most popular products. According to the article, the “10 Hottest Products Right Now” are:

  1. OrGreenic nonstick ceramic fry pan
  2. Sticky Buddy reusable roller
  3. Lint Lizard dryer vent cleaner
  4. Slice-O-Matic kitchen slicer
  5. Aluma Wallet compact protective wallet
  6. Deep Romance comemorative Titanic pendant
  7. Slim Away waist cincher
  8. Edge of Glory knife sharpener
  9. Pet Rider car interior protector
  10. Ped Egg foot and heal smoother

Newcomer Edge of Glory, from Direct Response leader Telebrands, was just released in April 2012 and was breaking sales records within only a couple of months. We are pretty sure this in unrelated to the success of Lady GaGa’s power ballad “Edge of Glory,” with its stunning lyrical genius:

I’m on the edge
The edge
The edge
The edge
The edge
The edge
The edge
I’m on the edge of glory.


With 2012 largely behind us, and 2013 looming large, it will be interesting to see which proven-successful infomercial products will continue to be contenders and which new innovations will leap over the edge of glory to become the hottest infomercial products of the coming year.