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The Ab Rocket Twister

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Quick Overview The amazing AbRocket Twister is the revolutionary new ab exerciser that will not only help you tone and strengthen your abs, but will transform your entire body.


The amazing AbRocket Twister is the revolutionary new ab exerciser that will not only help you tone and strengthen your abs, but will transform your entire body.† Many abdominal trainers cause undue pressure and strain on the back and neck, but the unique design of therollers will fully support your neck and back, massaging them as you workout. Go from flab to fab by working out just 5 minutes a day.

Your complete abdominal training package includes:

  1. Ab Rocket Twister
  2. 3 Levels of Resistance Bands
  3. Blast Away the Calories Meal Plan
  4. Rockiní Fat Blasting DVDs
  5. 5 in 1 Cardio DVD

While the AbRocket supports and massages your back, neck, and spine throughout your ab workout, it provides resistance through the complete range of motion.† It also supports proper alignment for the optimum workout, but does not do the work for you.† It is an abdominal trainer that allows you to work your ab muscles safely, without injury or strain.† Just sit, rock, and twist.†

The As Seen On TV Ab Machine that Works Every Part of Your Abdominals at Once

Endorsed by former Spice Girl Mel B and professional MMA fighter Adam Von Rothfelder, the AbRocket Twister provides the tools you need to maximize your waist-trimming efforts.† Four workout DVDs help you get the most from your workout, and a low calorie meal plan helps amplify your results.

You can order the AbRocket for one low price or choose the Risk Free Trial to try it in your own home for 30 days. When you choose the Risk Free Trial offer, pay a low trial fee, and shipping is free.† When you decide to keep the amazing AbRocket, buying is easy with only three low monthly payments.†

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