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forever lazy one piece lounge wear - buy 1 get 1 free

Forever Lazy One Piece Lounge Wear - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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Quick Overview Stay toasty, warm, and cozy from head to toe with Forever Lazy.


Stay toasty, warm, and cozy from head to toe with Forever Lazy.  Forever Lazy is the fleece, one-piece lounge wear for adults.  With Forever Lazy, you can fight the chill without running up your heating bills by zipping up into warm, soft fleece that lets you keep your hands and feet free.

With Forever Lazy, you can enjoy lazy days at home and stay warm even when you're moving around.  Forever Lazy zip-up lounge wear gives you all the warmth and comfort of oversized pajamas.  

Available in sizes to fit Extra Small through Extra Large, Forever Lazy is the perfect way for adults to be cozy and comfy on lazy days.

Blankets can be too large or too small, and they only work when you're sitting or lying.  Even blankets with sleeves can leave gaps, and trying to walk around in them can leave your back chilled and cause you to trip.  Forever Lazy is a one-piece zip-up fleece suit that keeps you warm from head to toe, no matter what you're doing.

Forever Lazy features:
  • Soft, warm, anti-pill Polar Fleece
  • Front and back zippered hatches for easy bathroom access
  • Hands and feet stay free
Forever Lazy is available in three stylish colors:
  • Asleep on the Job Gray
  • Workday Blues
  • Hanky Pinky Fuchsia
When you order one Forever Lazy, you'll get a free set of matching footies to keep your toes as warm as the rest of you.  Plus, when you pay separate shipping and handling, you'll get a second set of Forever Lazy and matching footies free!

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