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Happy Nappers

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Quick Overview Happy Nappers are unique, cuddly play pillows that are perfect for napping, playing, and travelling.


Happy Nappers are unique, cuddly play pillows that are perfect for napping, playing, and travelling. Each Happy Napper comes in its own Home Sweet Home pillow. When your child is ready to play, he or she can ring the doorbell to awaken the Happy Napper, unzip the door, and the Happy Napper Home Sweet Home reverses to a snuggly, playful stuffed animal friend.

Choose from these HappyNappers:
  • Barn to cow
  • Castle to dragon
  • Bungalow to ladybug
  • Igloo to penguin
  • Doghouse to dog
  • Palace to unicorn

    From comfortable pillow to loveable friend, Happy Napper is the perfect play pillow for any boy or girl. Each Happy Napper is a gift for not only your child, but a sick child as well: a portion of Happy Nappers proceeds will be donated to the Home Sweet Home Fund benefitting the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.

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