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heat surge amish electric fireplace

Heat Surge Amish Electric Fireplace

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Quick Overview With skyrocketing heating and utility bills, the Heat Surge electric fireplace is the perfect way to stay warm this winter without spending a fortune.


With skyrocketing heating and utility bills, the Heat Surge electric fireplace is the perfect way to stay warm this winter without spending a fortune. The Heat Surge fireplace is a lovely addition to your home, crowned by a beautiful mantle, built by Amish craftsmen.

The Heat Surge fireplace allows you to heat only the rooms you need it, providing a drastic reduction in heating bills while safely providing the ambience of a real fire. HeatSurge easily rolls from room to room, so you can take the heat with you wherever you go. No more wasting money to heat empty rooms.

The HeatSurge electric fireplace is energy-efficient, using the same amount of energy it takes to run a typical coffee maker. However, Heat Surge is produces enough heat to warm any room, with 4606 BTUs on its highest setting. The powerful yet silent heat turbine forces heat throughout the room, warming you instantly.

Many portable heaters are unsafe and can cause painful burns. The Heat Surge, however, remains safe to the touch. While Heat Surge gives the appearance and flicker of a real fire, it emits no fumes or smells, and is ash and mess-free.

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