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Perfect Fit Button

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Quick Overview The Perfect Fit Button is the easiest way to add or remove inches from the waistband of your pants.


The Perfect Fit Button is the easiest way to add or remove inches from the waistband of your pants. The Perfect Fit Button quickly and easily snaps on to your waistband, locking securely in place. Your pants instantly fit better! The Perfect Fit Button is discreet; no one will ever know you are wearing it.

The PerfectFitButton is like a tailor at your fingertips. Great for an instant fix, Perfect Fit Buttons are strong enough for even thick fabrics, like denim, corduroy, suede, and leather. Perfect Fit Buttons are easy to add and easy to remove, yet they hold tight. With the Perfect Button specially designed secure fastener, your pants fit perfectly.

With Perfect Fit Buttons:
  • Extend the life of your wardrobe
  • Keep wearing your favorite clothes whether you gain or lose weight
  • Make hand-me-downs fit instantly
  • Wear your regular pants longer before buying maternity pants
  • Instantly tailor your best suit

    Your Perfect Fit Button order includes:
  • 4 Perfect Fit Buttons for jeans, khakis, brown and black pants

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